South of Limburg and in particular "our mining area" has a rich industrial history.

At the end of the 18th century, they started mining the first coal from Limburgs soil. The demand for coal grew exponentially and at the beginning of the 19th century the mining area was one of the largest industries in the Netherlands. The South Limburgers were proud of their mines and their koempels (miners). After finding natural gas in Slochteren and importing cheap raw materials, the Minister of Economic Affairs decided on the 17th December 1965 to reduce the coal production and less than 9 years later the last mine was closed. The enormous buildings were demolished at an unimaginable pace, it seemed as if South Limburg wanted to quickly forget its mining history.

The miners of South Limburg were in an identity crisis, the proud koempels were unemployed, everything they stood for generation after generation was suddenly no longer there.

The Dutch government has subsequently tried, partly successfully, to revitalize the region by attracting new industries or expanding existing ones, such as a DSM, Nedcar, Emma Shoes. The LIOF (Limburg Institute for Development Finance) was one of the instruments to make this turnaround successful.

Today, almost nothing is visible of our mines, and yet almost every Limburger and every company takes a piece of mining history with them, sometimes without knowing it.


KOM E+A also has this unmistakable bond, despite its relatively short existence. Customers such as DSM, Nedcar, Emma Workwear, but also suppliers who already supplied parts for the mining in 1930. Family members of employees who used to work in the "Koel". Our location is located on an old LIOF site, an area that LIOF has bought at the time, to attract new companies after the mine closures, and so on.

Our mission is to put our region worldwide on the map as an innovative region with hard-working people. We always try to do a bit more than the rest, always thinking a little bit further. We try to "guide" students through the beautiful and creative world of technology and hope to find the sparkle in their eyes when developing machinery which has never been built before.

The craftsmanship and pride with which "our koempels" have been working are our foundations and we also carry this out with our technically innovative company.



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