For KOM E+A the main goal is to build a stable and reliable partnership with its customers. This results that KOM E+A, together with various customers, has developed and built serie-products for the commercial market. These are mostly smaller series, but with a "high-tech content".

After the development and construction of the first series, a new evaluation is carried out together with the customer and the products will be developed and sometimes expanded further more.

In addition, it is important that the products also will become and remain a commercial success, that’s why the cost-price calculation is (of course) an important item that has to be monitored in a quickly changing market. This item also included in the development phase.

The last item is the "face of the machine" (Design) which is an important item for some products, KOM E+A can play an important role in this.

Below some success stories that KOM E + A and their customers have been able to perform:

  • Digitale In-Line Printer (Digi-series)

  • Coating System for Brake-Discs

  • High-Speed Counting and packaging machine for dishwasher-tablets

  • Transportsystem for shocker & risecells in Bakeries

  • High-Speed Ring Inspection