KOM E+A develops and builds machinery and tooling for a wide industry range, like:

  • Automotive
  • Food
  • Galvano
  • Glass
  • Medical
  • Life Science
  • Solar
  • Paper
  • Printtechnology
  • R&D

Customer requests and assignments differ a lot, sometimes it's a small test-setup and another time it's a complete production-line.

Here below some projecten we succesfully accomplished, to give yoy an impression of our competences:

  • Recoiling Machine for Paper and Foil

  • Sorting- and cuttingmachine for straws of spray nozzles

  • Glass Cleaning Machine for laboratory use

  • R&D unit for applying foil on solarpanels

  • Assembly table for rear carwindow

  • Assembly machine for headrest of car

  • Box erector machine with "mix function"

  • Production-line for printing and handling of cups for washing powder