KOM E+A has developed a new type of packaging line for snacks, which is contradictive to the current trend for further automatization:

A customer of KOM E+A wished to take the automated packaging line out of production and go back to manual packaging. The current automation had several disadvantages, such as:

• Inflexible regarding product variaties
• Inflexible regarding new product variaties and package variaties
• High maintenance costs
• Sensitive for malfunctions
• New product type immediately implies a major investment in new tooling / programming
• Strong dependency on manufacturer / supplier that has delivered the automation

In consultation with the customer, operators and ergo-consultants, KOM E+A designed and built a new type of packaging line, where the operators stand central. The products and the boxes are automatically supplied, well dosed and at ergonomic positions, so that a responsible working environment is created for the operators. This results in a pleasant, but also fast way of working. Eventually, more than 100 pieces of snacks per minute were processed per operator (at a normal pace)!

Below some pictures of this packing line.

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